Adriana Carbajal, professionally known as “Adriana”, has been singing since the age of 5. She started recording music at the young age of 13 and by the age of 14, she was signed with a single in heavy rotation nationwide, “Until Tomorrow”. The single did so well, DMA magazine wrote an exclusive article on her and her single made the chart of the Radio Mix Show’s Top 50! (based on actual radio mix show airplay). “Until Tomorrow” as #36, Jennifer Lopez “Lets Get Loud” at #48, Sonique “Sky” at #49.

Adriana’s biggest performance was a concert held by the bay area’s hit radio station, KYLD, (Wild 9.49) at the San Jose HP Pavilion. Performing with artists such as Mya, Shaggy, Bow Wow, E-40, Next and Ruff Endz.

Within a couple months of Adriana’s song being played on air, the song grabbed the attention of A&R’s at Universal. However, already signed to a label at the time, the owner of the label and universal couldn’t come to an agreement and Adriana was left with the short end of the stick.

Still, this never stopped Adriana, over time she kept working on her music and began writing her own songs at the age of 16. As the years passed, Adriana continued her education, graduated from high school and began working on her own style and music independently, yet never losing focus on her education. Within 3 years Adriana graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelors degree in Creative Arts.

But it wasn’t until after college, the evolution of Adriana as an artist and music began and is continuing to this day. She doesn’t bother to look at the past, she is headed to the future…to capture the dream that was once taken from her.

Nothing can stop this super nova from shooting across the sky, there is no limit for Adriana and soon you will see her and her dream come true! Back on stage performing and inspiring people all across the world. She is the definition of a dream catcher…never stop believing.


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