The Beginning.

Hello everybody, my name is Adriana… An artist in the music world with a message for others like me, fighting for our dreams. I have been singing since my voice was able to make a sound and it is all that I know. My soul is r&b but my heart is music so I go where the music calls. With my love and passion for music, my voice speaks and tells me, “Never give up on your dreams“. We ourselves can make anything happen as long as we believe! I am alive and I am living, doing what I love to do, Music. It is the way I am able to give a part of my soul and share it with all of you… I want people to know that anything is possible… so believe in yourself. I Aspire to Inspire and won’t stop until my dreams and reality are simultaneous… A Dream Catcher.

~Listen to the music, Look into your Dreams…

I am an eclectic singer using my melodies, style, and soulful voice from every kind of music to convey who I am. Just 1 genre of music doesn’t exist to me and refuse to be put in a box.

I am an eclectic sound… A little bit of everything. It’s Eclectic Music. Love It, Live It!


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  1. Willard says:

    Love the site friend! You deserve it! #Amazing #SinceIwasLeeto

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